On my 25th sobriety birthday, I decided to give myself a present. This is my second CD and most of the songs are related to my journey. It is dedicated to The Welcome Home Club in Ft. Pierce, Florida. They loved me before I could love myself.

The first thing I did is call my friends Liz & Jill at Sappho Productions in Nashville

(L-R) Liz Ficalora, Jill Sissel & Valerie Whitcomb

Then I called some more Nashville friends...

Mary Ann Kennedy

Miranda Louise

Dianne Davidson

John Heinrich

Then we all set about to make some music

Abby gave her approval

My "office" at Sappho Productions. That round thing on the music stand is my 25th medallion. I kept it foremost in my mind throughout the project. Much gratitude...

Liz did all the mixing and after we finished and the CD was produced, Emily and I hosted a small gathering of friends for a CD release party

Our friends JoAnne & Sally came and made me this awesome momento of the CD. It is hanging in my office today and cherished

Sitting in with friends from time to time around music city

(L-R) Crys Matthews, Jill Sissel, Liz Ficalora & Valerie Whitcomb

(L-R) Cindy Finkle, Deirdra McCalla, Valerie Whitcomb & Dianne Davidson at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville.

My first CD was produced in 1995 when I was a student at MTSU. My professor, Doug Mitchell produced it and it was recorded on campus while I was a student in the Recording Industry Management program.

When I graduated from college in '95, I formed a 5-piece Blues/Rock band and performed in clubs around Nashville, Middle Tennessee, Birmingham and surrounding states. In 1997 my CD was nominated for a Grammy in the Blues category. Emily and I met when I was in college and I am grateful to her for giving me the space and support I needed to pursue my dreams.

My lab "Ben" was with me for 14 years and was such a great dog. He was able to run free on our farm before he passed.

Valerie Reynolds & The Bad Cactus Blues Band at Ace of Clubs in Nashville

Clip of Valerie Reynolds & Bad Cactus Blues Band at Exit/In (Mid '90's)